Bus Brake Testing – Saving Money

You only want to fit brake testing equipment for your bus fleet once – with our installation you will have the peace of mind that you are choosing a trusted supplier. From an initially survey, quote, installations to the 6-monthly calibration you can rely on RS Garage Equipment.

With the requirement to test bus brakes between every 4 to 12 weeks it makes a lot of commercial sense to look at bringing this in-house. That way you can schedule the work to suit your operational needs. Minimise downtime for your vehicles. If remedial action is required – you can retest quickly to ensure the work has been completed successfully.

Our bus brake testing equipment will give either a pass or fail. Our brake testing equipment uses the latest DVSA software to determine the overall result.

For more information please give us a call on 0800 302 9407.

Bus being brake tested

Bakers coach about to be Brake Tested

Bus being brake tested

Kingsferry Coach being brake tested

VOSA Approved Brake Test Equipment

Kingsferry Coaches are another client who have recognised the cost benefits of bringing their coach testing in-house.

PROTECTED Bus Brake Testing – Saving Money

PROTECTED Confirm Manufacturers Claims!

PROTECTED Mobile Brake Tester or In-Ground Brake Testing

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