The adjustment of car headlights is one of the most delicate garage operations requiring a level of precision guaranteed only by use of a quality tool. WT Engineering's Italian-made headlamp adjusters provide just this assurance with a full range of headlamp aligners to test virtually all kinds of light.

Headlamp aligner

Key Features

  • Made in Italy
  • Complete range for height adjustment of car and motorbike headlights
  • Covers LED, halogen and xenon headlights – low beam, high beam and fog lights
  • Spherical glass or Fresnell lense options
  • Automation options – can be equipped with microprocessors, calibration software for different headlight types, internal cameras and various types of interface (USB, LAN or Wi-Fi)
  • Calibration – in addition we offer a practical and effective calibrator for the periodic calibration of your equipment


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