Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures hydraulic pit jacks for the modern commercial vehicle workshop. Available in 2 types, traditional “hanging” models supported on pit rails or floor mounted models where pit rails can’t be used. Pit jacks can be manual, pneumatic or electric on operation.

Fuchs pit jack

All Fuchs jacks are CE certified and low-maintenance. As standard equipment they use polished, hard chrome-plated pistons and robust piston guides. The chassis are designed to be extremely rigid and are custom-made to your pit dimensions without additional cost. The delivery of the commercial vehicle pit jack is fully assembled and ready to use. A support plate is included in the scope of delivery.

We offer supports with commercial vehicle-specific connection devices available as accessories. Needle bearing rollers are used in the hanging models, ensuring smooth movement on the pit rail. All versions are equipped with automatic locking under load. Fuchs Hydraulik pit jacks are based on the “plunger” principle. In these systems the piston is permanently surrounded by oil and thus protected against corrosion. No additional support systems are required during the execution of common servicing work using Fuchs Hydraulik pit jacks.

Key Features

  • CE certified
  • Made in Germany
  • Very sturdy
  • Rigid chassis, manufactured according to the pit dimensions
  • Low maintenance
  • Long stroke
  • Laterally adjustable lifting units
  • Massive piston guides
  • Precise lowering
  • Maximum headroom in the pit
  • The vehicle can remain on the jack during the repair without additional support


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