Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures hydraulic wheel-play-detectors for modern commercial vehicle workshops and test lanes in Germany. The detectors are CE certified and approved for a maximum axle load of up to 20 tonnes.

Fuchs play detector (shaker plate)


Key Features

  • CE certified
  • Made in Germany
  • Low maintenance
  • Proven technology
  • 20 tonne max. axle load
  • Eight directions of movement
  • Three different control programs, optionally with control lamp (with integrated controller), or radio-controlled available
  • Ready-made foundation box, optionally galvanised or primed finish available


  • Axle load 20.000kg
  • Travel +/-50mm
  • Ramp size 750mm X 750mm
  • Art. No. 8.764.000
  • Control lamp 8.764.140
  • Remote control 8.764.003
  • Foundation box – galvanised 8.764.002
  • Foundation box – prime 8.764.001

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