Brake Testing For Road Maintenance Vehicles

Hazell & Jefferies is a highly successful road builder and resurfacing business plus ancillary services, operating a wide range of vehicles.

  • Tankers
  • 8 wheelers
  • Skip lorries
  • On site concrete mixers
  • To name but a few

To meet their needs Hazell & Jefferies elected to go with a B99 ATF which can handle a very wide range of vehicles up to 18 tonnes. The soft start motor is rated 15Kw..

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A Hazell & Jefferies Vehicle Approaches The Brake Rollers

A Hazell & Jefferies Vehicle Approaches The Brake Rollers


VOSA Approved Brake Test Equipment

They recognised that to help keep control of their costs of vehicle maintenance that brining their brake testing in-house would save money. Ensure they had control over the scheduling of brake testing and speed up any retesting required. The Brake tester was supplied with the Tablet control, this allows one person to operate the brake tester following the semi automatic control.

Once the test is finished they have the option to print off or email the results to their main office.

One other consideration is that vehicles needed to be fully loaded to have their brakes tested. Clearly that is easier in your own yard compared to sending a vehicle to an external company.

PROTECTED Brake Testing For Road Maintenance Vehicles

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