Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures electro-hydraulic cylinder lifts for modern commercial vehicle workshops. Their lifts keep the vehicle wheels free and are suitable for all common repair and maintenance work on commercial vehicles: HGVs, PSVs, trailers, buses and more.

The lifts are available with either one piece or telescopic pistons. Both types can be installed using a frame fitted above a concrete pit or using a steel trough. A variety of lifting capacities is available and is dependent on the number of rams used. Standard lifts reach a stroke of 1700mm, there is also a short stroke version available for tyre service areas, this has a stroke of 700mm. As a German company, with headquarters and production in Rhineland-Palatinate, their lifts stand for quality.

Easy operation

Fuchs lifts feature rotatable support beams which, combined with the supplied adapters, lifts the vehicle on its axles. This gives excellent visibility under the vehicle, allows access to all parts including the wheels. The lifts are particularly suited to the removal of heavy components like engines or gearboxes. The rams are positioned under the axles using a motorised drive and the pit remains covered by the telescopic cover system which can carry loads up to 5t.

Commercial vehicle lift features & options

  • EC type-tested
  • Made in Germany
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Pivoting support beam
  • Specially developed in-house non-return valve system
  • Vehicles are freely accessible from all sides without additional support systems

  • Easy installation
  • Retrofitting also possible
  • Powered positioning of the cylinder units
  • Automatic sliding of the telescopic pit cover in sliding sheet design
  • Special customised constructions available

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Fuchs Hydraulik